Exhibition personnel, catering, bar service, and booth hospitality.

As an efficient service provider for exhibitors, Asa Exhibition Services Company is prepared to offer services in the following areas.


Exhibition personnel

For a successful presence at exhibitions, it is obvious and necessary to utilize the expert personnel of the exhibition stand behind the counter, as well as the professional and well-versed hostesses and translators who are well-versed in the exhibition literature. All exhibitor personnel will serve your company’s objectives with adequate coverage and exhibition standards and in accordance with the exhibition security’s instructions, and they also have sufficient experience and expertise in attracting prospective customers and converting them into actual customers. Cyan Iman Company gets all required assurances from these personnel so the exhibition’s participants can confidently use their expertise for the duration of the exhibition.

finger food

Small bites, finger foods, outpatient foods, finger food, etc., refer to small bites of food that can be consumed without the use of spoons, forks, etc. Due to their positive attributes, finger foods are gaining popularity in all types of gatherings. For example, the best option for official meetings, conventions, conferences, and exhibitions is finger food. Asa Exhibition Services Company, in collaboration with Cyan Iman Company, will provide a variety of finger foods at your exhibition booths.

food and beverage

Asa Exhibition Services Company, in collaboration with Cyan Iman Company, serves food at the exhibition by preparing a full and varied menu for the comfort of the exhibitors so that you can concentrate as much as possible on your business. You need only register your food order from the restaurant menu one day in advance, and the next day at the appointed time, the exhibition staff will deliver your food in very clean and hygienic packaging.


In order to have a close and effective relationship with the audience and booth visitors, it is preferable to pay attention to details such as catering in the booth, in addition to presenting your services as effectively as possible. To have the greatest impact on the audience, reception in the booth should adhere to the correct principles. Utilizing a menu with a variety of beverages such as tea and coffee is an excellent idea that should be considered. There are numerous menus of coffee, natural juices, teas, etc. We have made it possible for you to use the bar department’s services.


One of the requirements for international exhibitions and conferences is the provision of simultaneous interpreters or expert on-site interpreters. If he has sufficient language and communication skills, a simultaneous and on-site interpreter can play a very constructive role in establishing proper communication between the audience of the conference or exhibition, and by creating understanding between the companies in the exhibition booths, international exhibitions increase the likelihood of concluding large contracts. A simultaneous interpreter, interpreter, or accompanying interpreter for visitors to an exhibition or conference must have a high IQ and excellent communication skills in order to effectively interact with other individuals and Facilitate an event’s presence. To coordinate and book a Chinese, English, Russian, and German-fluent translator, simply register your request in the user panel of the exhibitors.