Iran’s printing industry is one of its oldest and most valuable arts. The development of exports of Iranian goods and products may be facilitated by the promotion of this industry. Given that the printing industry is one of the top three industries in terms of employment and revenue, a strategic examination of this industry is necessary.

Considering the vast capabilities of our nation in the production of high-quality products and goods, those involved in this industry have prioritized the category of printing and packaging in order to create more added value and make the products more competitive in comparison to other international competitors. In this regard, the Cyan Iman company, with the cooperation and strategic oversight of the “Iranian Printing Industry Exporters Union” and the purpose of introducing the capabilities of the Iranian printing industry, exchanging knowledge, raising awareness, and transferring technology, and developing regional and international markets, is organizing the second Iran Future Print exhibition (IFPEX) located at Iran Mall Exhibition Center.

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Exhibition Location: Iran Grand Bazaar International Exhibition Center (Iran Mall)

Exhibition Time: July 11-14, 2023

Exhibition topics: printing and packaging – 3D printing – paper – labels – cardboard and cardboard – ink – machines – plastic and polymer – raw materials – new production methods – advertising

Side programs (training workshops related to the printing and packaging industry): color management in design and pre-printing – packaging design structure – product design in flexo printing

Exhibitors Examples: printers / carton makers / digital printing / hybrid machines / offset printing machines / heliogravure and flexogravure machines / finishing and post-printing machines / pre-printing machines / folding and box-making machines / Molding, cutting and rolling machines / Intelligent production line systems / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of consumables / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of composites and varnish coatings / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of foils / Manufacturers and importers and distribution Manufacturers of paper, cardboard and polymer films / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of quality control software / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of management software / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of security products / Manufacturers and importers and distributors of environmental sign production machines and advertising / manufacturers and importers and distributors of adhesive backed papers

Visitors Examples: manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical, health, cellulose, etc. industries / advertising offices / graphic designers / start-ups and new printing businesses / printers and producers of labels and flexible packaging / carton makers / printing house Industrial owners / publishers / digital printers / printers / lithographers / sellers of paper and cardboard / sellers of raw materials and spare parts / printers of banners and advertising signs

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